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Buy Crypto Guide: How to Buy Cryptocurrency

Buy Crypto Guide: How to Buy Cryptocurrency

Bitrue is a cryptocurrency exchange and financial platform with advanced trading features and opportunities to earn interest through several staking and investment programs. The combination of offerings is best for intermediate to advanced cryptocurrency users looking for active trading, futures, lending, and high-yields for staking. Bitrue is a leading cryptocurrency exchange offering access to 700+ cryptocurrencies, with services including spot trading, futures, OTC, staking, copy trading, and more. Once you’ve funded your account, you can continue using the simple trading form or switch to the active trading platform.

Some market stats about USDT

  1. Bitrue is not available in China, Texas, or New York.
  2. When you view this interface, your Bitrue login has been successful.
  3. You can switch the fiat currency if you’d like to choose another.
  4. For more help, you can reach support through email with a help ticket system.
  5. While Bitrue employs strong security practices today, it’s been hacked in the past.

A selection of cryptocurrencies in the top 16 by market cap that are available to trade on Bitrue Exchange. Verify your “mailbox verification code” by clicking “Confirm” in your email.6. Currently, there are 1183 guides on how to buy or trade cryptocurrencies.

Trading Experience

Using BTR, the native currency of the exchange, for transaction fees attracts a 20% discount. The price of Tether USDt has increased by 0% in the last 7 days. It has seen a 0% increase in the past 24 hours and a 0% increase in just the last hour. Tether USDt is increased –% from its all-time high of $–. We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation.

How to Login and Verify Account in Bitrue

On April 14, 2023, Bitrue suffered another hack, where attackers were able to successfully withdraw approximately $23 million in assets. In both instances Bitrue covered the losses, so customers didn’t lose any funds, but the breaches are still important to note. Unlike traditional brokerage firms, cryptocurrency exchanges are not members of the Securities Investor Protection Corp. (SIPC). Exchanges were reviewed on points including security, fees, number of cryptocurrencies available, and more.

Overall, these fees are a bit lower than the starting fees you would pay with many large competitors, but they’re not the very lowest fees you can find. When you view this interface, your Bitrue login has been successful. You will see this homepage interface when you successfully log in.

The active platform is web-based and includes advanced charts, depth charts, recent trades, outstanding orders, and a quick trading form. With a suite of active and advanced cryptocurrency trading features, Bitrue could be a good choice for many crypto users worldwide. Low fees and a long list of supported currencies are a major draw, as are staking and yield 50 pips a day forex day trading strategy farming features where you could earn as much as 100% APY. Newer users can buy and sell easily with the simple cryptocurrency purchase form. However, the site is built around products that are best for those with experience in crypto or other active trading markets. Top digital assets including BTC, ETH, XRP, and SOL are available on the exchange.

Investing in cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and other Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is highly risky and speculative, and the markets can be extremely volatile. Consult with a qualified professional before making any financial decisions. This article is not a recommendation by Investopedia or the writer to invest in cryptocurrencies nor can the accuracy or timeliness of the information be guaranteed. Please note that withdrawing NFTs requires a mandatory 2FA setup.

You can also make purchases with a card through a partnership with processor Simplex, but there’s a fee of 3.5% per transaction or $10, whichever is greater. Bitrue is a cryptocurrency exchange and cryptocurrency financial products company founded in 2018 and based in Singapore. Odds are you live somewhere that’s supported by the company. Customers have access to an impressive list of currencies for spot trading, plus several advanced products. With a Bitrue account, you can buy and trade over 700 different cryptocurrencies at market prices with reasonable exchange fees.

This exchange offers its own currency, Bitrue Coin (BTR), as well. Tag or memo is a unique identifier assigned to each account for identifying a deposit and crediting the appropriate account. When depositing certain crypto, such as BNB, XEM, XLM, XRP, KAVA, ATOM, BAND, EOS, etc., you need to enter the respective tag or memo for it to be successfully credited. In the past 24 hours, the assets with the largest percentage changes in the cryptocurrency market.

Enter your phone number in the provided field and press ’NEXT’.4. Press “Confirm” and you can normally use Bitrue now. If you hold Bitrue Coin and use it to pay for fees, you get a 20% discount on trading costs.

The purchased token will be stored in your Bitrue encrypted wallet account, ensuring the security of your assets. Bitrue is a cryptocurrency trading and investment company with a range of financial products for crypto enthusiasts. Bitrue offers cryptocurrency services, including an active trading platform, futures trading platform, loans, and high-interest yield farming and staking. For some cryptocurrencies that cannot be purchased using fiat or spot trading on the Bitrue platform, you can acquire them on decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Upon enabling 2FA, users will face a 24-hour withdrawal lock for all of the NFTs in their accounts. Bitrue users can manage their accounts through the Bitrue website and mobile apps. If you’ve ever used an online stock trading account, you will likely find Bitrue offers a similar overall experience. It holds an average of 2.1 out of 5 stars rating across more than 220 reviews on Trustpilot, for example.

Provides fiat-to-crypto and crypto swapping as a service. We rank globally in the top tiers for trading volume, notably in XRP trading. Our platform provides a broad range of staking options, diverse trading pairs, and specialized ETFs, attracting investors with APRs up to 55%. Bitrue has played a pivotal role in industry growth through global partnerships with projects like XRP and ADA, pioneering support for Cardano’s native assets. However, two major security breaches tarnish this exchange’s reputation. In 2019, cybercriminals took over $4 million in cryptocurrency funds from Bitrue, Ripple, and Cardano wallets.

Connect your crypto wallet to a DEX such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, Curve, Balancer, etc. Choose the cryptocurrency trading pair you want, confirm the purchase quantity, and complete the order to finalize the purchase. Using a simple purchase form, you can buy and sell supported cryptocurrencies with a bank account. There are no transfer fees for moving funds via ACH and a low 0.08% starting trade fee for direct purchases from a bank account.

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